We Clone RFID Cards & Key Fobs

RFID Key Fobs are becoming ubiquitous when it comes to allowing secure access to apartment buildings, condo building, parking garage and private clubs and gyms, but they often charge hundreds of dollars for replacement Fobs, and take days or weeks to replace.

CopyKeyFob.com in center city Philadelphia can make a copy of that Key Fob, as a backup or simply for safekeeping. Get an extra copy of your condo or apartment key fob for your partner, cleaner, dog walker, water delivery, or house sitter! Discounts apply when you're getting more than one copy made, and you can re-order additional copies anytime easily online!

We can copy about 95% of the Key Fobs out there, search our brand/format support database, or see what types of Fobs we supply.

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Select from one of the three options below to start your KeyFob copy!


Single Key Fob Copy

Branded Card, Fob or Coin

Additional Key Fob Copy

Branded Card, Fob or Coin

Five Pack Key Fobs

Branded Card, Fob or Coin

Ten Pack Key Fobs

Branded Card, Fob or Coin

Lifetime Warranty & Reprogramming

If you ever move or your original key is replaced, simply send in your new key fob along with your original key fob copies and we will reprogram them at no additional cost. Our key fobs, cards and coins are durable but they can break, just mail in your broken unit and it will be replaced at no additional cost.

Priority Mail Shipping

USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail Return Delivery

Express Overnight Shipping

USPS 1-day delivery to most locations, not guaranteed

Technician Appointment

Scheduled, Done On Your Premises, Due to Availability, Limited to Philadelphia area.

Key Fob Storage

We securely store digital copies of your key fob so that if you ever lose it, you can easily reorder the new copies online, anytime!


Key Fob Database

Search for your Key Fob in our exclusive and always updated brand support database, see if we can make copies of it and the underlying technology. There is always a small possibility that your key may not be duplicable. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Under Design has no affiliation with manufactures of formats and brands listed below.

We will not clone the following keys and reserves the right to refuse any order: Credit Cards, Government/Military Identification, State Issued Identification, Student Identification Cards, Keys that appear to be linked to financial accounts of any kind.

Supported Key Fob Formats

ADR Electronics, Amano, AWID (NON UHF), Axema , Access Control, Borsch, Camden, CDVI, Continental Access, Datawatch Systems, DigiTag, DKprox, Eclipse, Elk (M1PRF), ELS, EM 4000 Series, EM 4100 Series, EM 4200 Series, Everfocus, FlexPass, Galaxy Control Systems, HID® Indala®, HID® Indala®FlexCard®, HID® ISOProx® II, HID® MicroProx®, HID® ProxCard® I & II, HID® Proximity, HID® ProxKey® II & III, Hirsch Electronics, Honeywell Indala®, IEI, Indala®, Indala KSF, Isonas, Kastle Systems, Kantech Secure Format, Keri C Format, Keri H Format, Keri K Format, KeyScan, Locknetics, Marks, Mircom, Motorola Indala (ASP), Northern Computers, Paradox, PCSC, Prodatakey, Proxxmate®, Radio Key (SecuraKey), Sargent PCH, Schlage IBF (iButton), Schlage (SXF-7610), ScrambleCard, SDC, ShadowProx (KSF), Simplex, Sonitrol, SSS Siedle, Videofied, Visonic, Why'rd

Proximity Only Duplication

We do not replicate any push-button functions on these Fobs, but the Proximity Key Fob will be Duplicated: Immotec, Liftmaster combo CPTK, Linear Trans H Prox, RCS remotes, Transmitter Solutions®, Select Engineered Systems, Monarch

Limited Success Key Fob Formats

Aptus, BlueWave Security, Cardax, Casi-Rusco, Comelit, Community Controls, Corby (Ibutton & Prox), Deister Electronics, DKS (Select Models Only), Doorking (Select Models Only), Farpointe Data, FDI, Fermax, Force, GProx-II, Hexact, ICT, Identiv, IDTECK, IntelleQt®, IoProx, Kaba, Keri W Format, Key-Rite Security, Mango, Mifare® Classic® 1K (CSN Only), Mifare® Classic® 4K (CSN Only), Mifare® Ultralight® (Non C), MicroPlus 8069, Miwa, Mul-T-Lock®, NexKey, NexWatch, Noralsy, PassPoint, PDK, Position Technology, ProDataKey, Prox Lite, Pyramid (Farpointe Data), QuadraKey, Rosslare, RSS (Rapid Security Solutions), XceedID

Limited/No Support Key Fob Formats

Bosch K2000 Series, Keri N/NXT Format, KeyPAC®, Mifare® Classic® 1K (Full), Mifare® Classic® 4K (Full), PAC®, Salto Systems, ReadyKey Pro

Order Online and Pay With Credit Card

paypal_logo We use PayPal to doing our billing, as they accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) and will collect your shipping address and email us once your payment is processed.

Afterwards, you can review our last-minute media packing instructions. All orders should receive an email notification from PayPal and Under Design.

KeyFobs Needed with Priority Mail Shipping

USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail Return Delivery.

KeyFobs Needed with Express Overnight Shipping

USPS 1-day delivery to most locations, not guaranteed.