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Why start from scratch? Our white-label Loyalty and Membership applications (iOS and Android) will get your business up and running in the App market faster and cheaper than traditional App development!

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Need to Connect with Customers directly?
Creating a Monthly Membership plan for your Service Business?
Require a secure Credit Card Payment System?

Our suite of technology includes all the parts you need to run your app from day one, all branded with your logo and messages: A Marketing Website for online browsers, Custom Branded Apps in the iOS and Android stores that can operate for Merchants and Consumers alike, plus an Administrative Suite of Tools that will allow you to review customer signups, requests, and field technical support.

Our already-developed base modules can be customized quickly and pushed to market in days for nearly any Loyalty and Membership Applications, or even as a payment processor for direct sales, monthly or annual dues. Your imagination is the only limit to what business you can create!

The App Race has Begun!

In order to stay competitive in this day and age, you need an App on your customers mobile device. Mobile is growing by leaps and bounds, and websites are no longer the destination of choice for millennials and the younger generation. Your custom App on their home screen reinforces your brand logo every time they look at their phone, and allows direct access to your Customers in your preferred platform, allowing for instant customer notifications & feedback.


Looking to create new products with a monthly recurring income?

Kim owns a series of Nail Salons, and wants to offer monthly subscription services for her regular, devoted customers who come by week after week for her high quality nail work. Offering a flat monthly rate (and a discount price) will save her customers money, increase loyalty, plus allow her customers to easily leave a Tip! This allows her devoted fans to use more locations more often with less questions of what styles they prefer.

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Already have an established, local customer base?

Robert has a small grocery store serving his local neighborhood. Business is up, and he's thinking of expanding to a new location, and wants a bigger online and App Store presence, but can't afford the time or money to build his own. He'd like to allow customers to pay for groceries using his App, with a simple scan of the customer's phone tied to a secure credit card payment. This will create more customer loyalty, increase the recognition and interaction with his expanding brand, plus allow for customer tracking, and speed checkout time with more security.

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Manage your own Monthly Dues Club or Organization!

Jay was elected with running the huge statewide ultimate frisbee league. He's got a few issues; the membership is massive and spread across the state, and everyone needs to pay annual dues to be included. With branded App's in both the iOS and Android stores, his members can find the app, maintain their annual memberships in good standing, and have an always-present membership ID that can allow for discounts at local merchants and partner organizations.

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Start your own centralized Payment Network!

Roger owns a large fairground/campsite with multiple staffed vending locations dotted across the area. He couldn't account for traffic, inventory or sales using his legacy cash registers and he didn't trust some of the temporary staff to handle cash. He created his custom App that will handle all payments for all visitors while they're a guest. This allows him to retain customer and inventory records, prevent theft and cash management, and simplify invoicing with automatic credit card payments.

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