1K Beer Run

Low-Effort Road Run Competitions to Encourage Bar Brand Loyalty and Local Charities

Have a bar with nearby franchise locations that are a short walking distance from each other? Looking to generate buzz about your bar again, on an annual basis, and give back to the community or a local charity? Contact us using the simple form below, and we'll manage your event from start to finish, at no cost to you, and with tons of benefits for your good brand name, your biggest fans and customers, and your favorite local charity! All you'll have to do is pick a date and rewards cost and our staff will handle the rest. From collecting sign-ups and payments, notifying runners, dealing with refunds, updating the websites, and keeping the entire event flowing and smooth. We provide the sponsor bars with increased customer loyalty, branded takeaways and keepsakes, social media worthy events, news-worthy promotional events designed for every ability athlete, even couch potatoes!

Pre-1K🍺 Promotions

We'll design and distribute custom full-color posters for in-bar locations with easy to remember websites for customers to signup and get more details. We'll manage the steady flow of signups during pre-race registration periods, and handle hiccups that might happen during.

Day of 1K🍺

We'll staff our race 'Finish Lines' (your bars) with Race Referee's who'll act as event concierges as well as official timekeepers and hand out Participant Packages to attendees as they arrive for the event. They'll also have real-time leader boards listed for live updates and checkins, although no rewards will be awarded on race day.

After-1K🍺 Support

We'll announce the winners and distribute prizes, ship any unclaimed packages to signups, send our absurdedly oversized check to the charity of choice, and post race promotional photos of the event for promotional needs. We'll also start to plan and schedule your next years successful 1K🍺 event!

Low-Pulse Franchise Bar Charity Runs for the Non-Athlete