Websites Made by Under Design / Andrew Davidson

These are local copies on this server, with possibly dead forms and missing pages and images, as we try to recover old sites from decades old archives.

CopyKeyFob (2019)

RFID Key Fob Copying locally here in Philadelphia

1KBeer.Run (2018)

Timed Run between two locations of a Chain Bar

Appegiance (2018)

Dropship App Developing

Davidson.Construction (2009-2018)

Colorado Construction Company

Text.Training (2016)

SMS Based automatic training system

The Social Bunny (2015-2016)

Boutique Social Media Management

Under Design (pre 2009?)

My site before this latest mobile-friendlier version you now inhabit.

The X-Fader (2006-2008)

Mini DJ Mixer for Handheld Music Players