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Having been developing for the web since the very beginning (seriously, 1996), we've kicked our addiction to 1-pixel invisible gif spacers and now design strictly in CSS, casting graphics aside for faster load times, better search engine placement, less browser inconsistencies and ultimately keeping with web standards.

We don't:

use flash, background audio, link to empty pages or simply dilute content with design.

We do:

design well-thought-out sites with logical user interfaces, simplify your sites focus and bandwidth costs, employ the strength of your content while increasing your Search Engine presence, and most importantly, create standards compliant web sites.

This means designing goal-focused marketing into every page, removing obstacles between you and prospective customers (even self-inflicted), filtering and condensing your data to increase transmission speed yet keep your keywords intact, while using available (open source, if possible) web technologies to enhance your business practice, while not dragging you down with expensive monthly maintenence costs.

The below examples range from old Web 1.0 sites done with nested tables to modern all XML and CSS designs of today. We can manage, design, implement, and code a site as needed in house, as a freelance project, or as a virtual web wing of your division. We'll discuss revenue streams and yearly maintenence expectations during your initial design discussion. Unsure if you have the budget for an online business? Take a look at a rundown of our low website design rates!


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