I am not a type book specimen

Don't come to look through my type book to pick 'your font'. I am a designer, and you pay me to design you a company identity by telling me who you are, what you do, and the type of company you are. I use my years of design experience to cull an idea simply.

Simple begins early, as I always design everything in black and white, and add color later, as your logo has to appear in every medium, from signs to the television. When I'm done, we can talk about printing your newfound logo on stationary, business cards, or your web site.

You want me to do this for you? Prices will be discussed in your initial interview.

  • Transit Nightclub
  • Slick Recordings
  • Ovum Recordings
  • Metronet, S.A.
  • Hula Groove Promotions
  • Globar Restuarant
  • Gasoline Nightclub
  • Evolution Nightclub
  • Echochic Clothing Boutique
  • Bump Restaurant
  • Bohemian Restaurant
  • 2-4 Club