Free Replacement Apache Icons

Eighty-five professionally designed icons with standard names for easy replacement of your custom Apache Web Server icons for an instant design update of your AutoIndex pages. All in PNG Format with transparancy (Alpha channels). We have posted 2 versions of these icons online, a 32x32 Pixel Set and the 128x128 Pixel Set. See below for examples of all 85 icons as they are on this server. I will accept your praises and thanks.

Download the Icon Sets

32x32 Pixel PNG Set (139k zip)

128x128 Pixel PNG Set (279k zip)

The 128 x 128 Pixel Icons

a.png back.png ball.gray.png binary.png binhex.png bomb.png box1.png box2.png broken.png burst.png c.png cab.png comp.gray.png compressed.png continued.png dll.png doc.png down.png dvi.png f.png folder.png folder.sec.png forward.png generic.png generic.sec.png hand.right.png hand.up.png image1.png image2.png image3.png index.png java.png js.png key.png layout.png left.png link.png movie.png p.png patch.png pdf.png php.png pie0.png pie1.png pie2.png pie3.png pie4.png pie5.png pie6.png pie7.png pie8.png portal.png ppt.png ps.png quill.png rar.png right.png screw1.png screw2.png script.png search.png sit.png sound1.png sound2.png sound3.png sphere1.png sphere2.png tar.png tex.png text.png transfer.png unknown.png up.png uu.png world1.png world2.png xls.png zip.png

The Rules