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Website Design Rates

We've been designing for the web since 1996, and our attention to the smallest detail shows in our work! All website design packages includes pre-consultation, creative briefing and custom web design and two revisions by our expert staff. We take the time in advance to understand your needs, and provide a high-quality, custom professional-looking website. All deliverables are custom hand-coded in xHTML with CSS, validated by popular validation services, in easy-to-understand file hierarchy. Your Web site will display and function properly in the top-used browsers of the day, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, as tested by our staff.

Static Website Design

A Static website or Brochure website simply presents pre-defined information to the user. It may include information about a company and its products and services via text, photos, animation, audio/video and interactive menus and navigation. Similar to handing out a printed brochure to customers or clients, a static website will generally provide consistent, standard information for an extended period of time. All website changes must be done by the designer, at an additional cost. This is great for a small company looking to dip their toes in the web to encourage a global audience.

Dynamic Website Design

Whether you're looking to start a one-way dialog with the world in your blog, or a two-way dialog with your customers in a free bulletin-board system, each requires multiple solutions and design parts to make a whole, seamless website experience. You can chose from a whole host of recommended open-source solutions, each with well-developed, robust content management solution (CMS) engines and documented instructions.

Point Of Sale Website Design

A Landing site that acts as a marketing tool and sales engine for a limited product offering. If you have a site to sell one product only, or a small series of products (like music albums, a book sale, subscriptions, niche marketing), with a single checkout or call-to-action to ensure a final sale. We'll help you setup your order process, determine your payment processor, integrate orders into your process, and design a post-sale page to build customer confidence! We'll also discuss how you can reduce operating costs while still accepting credit cards, even for the smallest one-man business.

Shopping Cart Website Design

We provide a simple-to-use e-commerce solution that will allow you to get your products online quickly and easily. You can add products, pricing, images and other features on your own without any HTML knowledge needed. Our cart solutions are deployed on open-source solutions, meaning no monthly maintenance costs! We can also offer options as to payment processing systems, and local database integration.

Join Now Button/Banner Graphic

We'll design an animated GIF join now button/banner that is themed like your current web design that can be unobtrusively inserted into your current home page to help turn the casual web visitor into a new member immediately. We will post an online comp that the client can review and offer revisions. Price includes insertion on your website and two free revisions, changes beyond that billed at the hourly rate of $100/hr. Turnaround time is 1-week.

Annual Maintenance Services

No-Limit Web Hosting

Personalized hosting, on a shared server with unlimited hard drive space, unlimited data transfer costs, and 99% uptime. Our uplink network connection is 1Mbps, meaning blazing fast response rate, and our 64-bit Intel processors mean no overloaded servers! Your website must meet eligibility requirements, and this offer is not open to everyone. Great for clubs or groups looking for a custom hosting solution, but once-a-year billing without any hassles. At only $17 per month, it's high-quality personal service for a low price!

Domain Registration & Managing

We'll register your domain name, ensure the Domain Name Servers are pointed properly, hide your true identity from spammers, securely lock it from unauthorized transfer, and maintain a close watch on it to ensure it doesn't lapse. We'll also setup any vanity sub-domains (mail.you.com) as needed. We'll contact you annually about renewals. This comes free with our No-Limit Web Hosting.

Hourly Rates

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We can convert all sorts of content to other formats, process thousands of images for file savings, compress and condense your current web site for bandwidth savings, or make a mean beef chili.

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