Watching the Watchers:

Press We've Noted About Under Design

Philadelphia Style Magazine - What Is Style Section
March/April, 2002
Philadelphia Style photographs wily partygoer Under at a Philadelphia social event.
Philadelphia Citypaper - New Years Eve Events
December 27, 2001
Philadelphia Citypaper mentions my (semi-) annual New Years Eve event at the Mask & Wig.
Philadelphia Citypaper - First Friday Focus
August 31, 2000
Very nice coverage about my 'Art for Photocopiers' show, held at a local gallery space.
Philadelphia Citypaper - Icepack Column
August 3, 2000
A quick mention of my Divebar party.
Philadelphia Weekly - Club Listings
August 2, 2000
Brief metion of my Divebar party.
Philadelphia Citypaper - Interview with Joel Jordan
June 1, 2000
Joel talks about his new book, Searching for the Perfect Beat : Flyer Designs of the American Rave Scene, and pushes my flyer design web site FlyerArt.
Mixer Magazine - Inquiring Minds Column
June, 2000
Yep, she's wearing an Under Designed T-Shirt (sold by Urban Outfitters)
Philadelphia Citypaper - Icepack Column
December 30, 1999
Mention of my New Years Eve party. Crazy errors and misspellings galore.
Philadelphia Citypaper - 'Once There Was a Rave'
September 23, 1999
Article includes an interview with me and other early rave promoters from Philly.
Philadelphia Weekly - Off the Hook
March 31, 1999
Mention of my weekly DJ residency at Helana's (ne Atmosphere).
Philadelphia Citypaper - Icepack Column
February 19, 1999
Mention of my weekly DJ residency at Helana's (ne Atmosphere).
Philadelphia Weekly - '106 Days of Summer'
May 23, 1998
The first mention is about the Hang Free parties we throw in Fairmount park.
Philadelphia Weekly - 'It's all the Rave'
June 5, 1995
A sidebar about club and rave flyer designers.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 'Rave: Dancing the night away'
September 13, 1992
A article about the burgening Rave scene in Philadelphia. Page 1, Page 2